Nocs was born at the Citadel of Excitement, with a dream of juicing every last drop of our time outside. We kept wishing we had a set of nocs enough times where finally one day we bought some. And we used them every day. Checking the surf. Exploring backcountry lines. Watching our raccoon pals emerge at night. Seeing the world differently. On a closer level.

Inspired by life at the beach, Nocs is an ode to the original seafarers and coastal pioneers. Nocs Provisions is a collective of people who are stoked to seek the unseen. To travel curiously, and to discover the best spots along the way.

The design is inspired by the seemingly symmetric yet completely unique lines of the sea and the coastal dunes where they meet. The logo is inspired by the sunset. And the packaging is plastic free.

close up shot of two hands holding a pair of Nocs binoculars

Why partner with Nocs Provisions?

Nocs Provisions are here to serve the next generation of humans with the goal to disconnect from technology and look deeper in nature. With compact waterproof binoculars built to travel, we aim to make the discovery and study of our surroundings simple. Paired with a sense of wonder and curiosity, we believe this will foster understanding and compassion for our planet. Nocs are a tool to be present in the moment and to see the deep interconnectedness of all living things on this earth. It’s time that we return to nature as our source of truth.

Program Terms

  • 6-10% commission on approved affiliates
  • 30 day cookie
  • Full-time management
  • Free shipping on all orders over $30
  • Bonus opportunities for high performing partners
  • Exclusive partner offers and coupon codes available
  • No Questions Asked 30 Day Return Policy
  • Banner and text creative updated regularly
  • Regular product release schedule
  • Seasonal Promotions & Sales
  • Complimentary product samples for in depth reviews available for high performing partners.